It’s Official – Modular Wall Systems™ Pre-approved Supplier to Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

As the urban sprawl continues to stretch beyond metropolitan centres, communities are seeking ways to protect themselves from noise related issues associated with new developments and the infrastructure that services our growing cities.

Leading innovators of cost effective commercial acoustic walls, Modular Wall Systems™ has announced it has been pre-approved as a preferred supplier to the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads with its proprietary EnduroMax™ high performance commercial wall panel solution. Designed to address for ultra high impact and vandal resistance with superior noise and acoustic performance related issues, EnduroMax™ was subjected to rigorous testing to ensure it met the stringent criteria of the MRTS15 accreditation.

Nick Holden, founder of Modular Wall Systems™, commented: “The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads is known to have the toughest specifications in Australia. We are proud to see EnduroMax™ panels that span up to 4.2 metres, exceed these requirements and be considered for future projects within the state. With its superior performance, noise control and aesthetic appeal, we are confident the system will be well received by residents directly affected by urban expansion projects, and adopted more widely by other government bodies, councils and contractors throughout the country.”

Several Australian motorways continue to use outdated building materials to create a barrier between homeowners and motorists. Designed to be a disruptor to traditional wall system materials – such as concrete – EnduroMax™ is built and engineered for extreme and demanding environments. Typically used for road ways, rail corridors, high traffic areas, car parks or whenever superior impact, vandal protection, extended design life or noise attenuation is required. A durable and lightweight panel solution that’s easy to install along traffic corridors so advantageous to civil contractors and installers. Offering high residential visual appeal with commercial performance, EnduroMax™ has no ‘preferred’ side. Both sides of the wall system provide a polished, consistent finish. For further information, contact 1300 556 957 or visit