Acoustic Absorption Success at Goodman Fielder Bakery Outlet

Following the removal of a redundant warehouse located north of The Goodman Fielder Bakery warehouse site, neighbouring residential property owners were exposed to the constant drone and vibration from forklifts, dump trucks, skip bin removal and replacement activity in and around the bakeries bread return area. This is an area where reject and return bread is disposed of via skip-bins. Goodman Fielder, being an environmentally conscious asset owner, wanted to act quickly in resolving the multitude of neighbour complaints and engaged an acoustic engineer who in-turn contacted Modular Wall Systems™ for a noise absorption solution. Not only did the solution need to meet the acoustic requirements but with so much operational vehicle activity near this area, safety and clear visibility for all forklift and truck operators was paramount.

At the coalface of the noise source was a 30m long x 5.1 High GuardianWall™ constructed with our proprietary AcoustiMax™ 75 panels which provided outstanding noise abatement. Each end of this wall had clear Plexiglas windows incorporated within the wall panel for safety so that operators could see approaching vehicular and pedestrian traffic on the other side. A secondary wall was constructed along the grain silo loading area and adjacent to the main bakery building. The close proximity between the two structures meant a sound absorbing solution was required. This wall was a 40 metre long x 4.1 metre high BarrierWall™ incorporating our proprietary composite sound absorbing panel – AcoustiSorb™ 75. These panels absorb over 90% of the airborne sound meaning there is no reverberation whilst maintaining a high transmission loss.