ThermaMax Designed For Origin Energy

In a first for Australia horizontal gas flares were being installed for a new gas extraction project in remote QLD. Due to the highly sensitive nature of the projects, security concerns and harmful potential should anyone be exposed to the radiant heat Modular Walls designed and installed 15 purpose built thermally resistant enclosures.


Be able to resist a constant temperature of 120 degrees on the inside whilst the exterior face reached no more than 60 degrees
42 000 m2 of walls where installed
Length 280 lineal metres per enclosure x 15 enclosures
Typical heights from 9 metres – 11 metres


• High thermal and sound reduction qualities in one panel
• Modular lightweight installation
• Composite construction allows for easy customisation to accommodate job specific thermal requirements
• Over clad with a variety of finishes

With increased urbanisation, environmental and OH&S concerns, mining and energy companies have faced augmented regulation with regards to visual amenity, heat and noise emission, OH&S
compliance and carbon footprint reduction.

In direct response to exacting requirements for a billion dollar gas extraction project, Modular Wall Systems™ developed the ThermaMax™ panel to provide a modular thermal heat control solution that was not previously available. This was specifically used to provide a thermal security perimeter to open flare burn off points. The panel was then over clad with corrugated sheeting to provide a durable and weather resistant finish.

An Aesthetically Superior Versatile Noise Barrier, Northern Road, Penrith

Lend Lease in conjunction with Abi Group required a noise attenuation wall along The Northern Road upgrade project at Jordan Springs. The project needed to meet strict conditions of the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) R271 specification, including extended design life and impact resistance.

Together with high acoustic performance, a key component of the solution was to maintain a superior aesthetic look similar to a BarrierWallTM built by Modular Wall SystemsTM in the adjacent award winning Urban development – Jordan Springs. Not without construction challenges either, our team also needed to design with integrated retaining panels and pedestrian interaction in mind.

Modular Wall SystemsTM worked with PND Civil to present a high performing and cost-effective solution. The unique GuardianWall™ incorporated AcoustiMaxTM75 panels to comfortably exceed all requirements including the required 31+RW (Weighted Sound Reduction Index) ensuring outstanding noise abatement. But the stand-out feature of this wall was the cutting edge aesthetics. The customised design ensured a simple, singular beam footing that integrated with the existing retaining wall. A unique characteristic of the panels was a ‘fit for purpose’ UB
infill by Modular Wall SystemsTM that ensured a like finish on both sides, eliminating the inferior, yet common trait, of having a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ side. Given the benefits of GuardianWall™ requires no heavy lifting equipment at time of installation, contractors installed it with ease and within a very short time frame.

Caltex Acoustic Solutions for Service Stations

A Caltex service station in Sydney’s west had to construct an acoustic and visual wall to shield adjacent neighbours from the operational noise of a 24 hour Star Mart service station. Owing to an unstable existing retaining wall between the construction site and neighbouring properties, the solution needed to encompass a complex cantilevered post system to transfer wind loading onto stronger areas of soil. An extended design life was also a key requirement.

The GuardianWallTM system, utilising galvanised UB support columns, was deemed suitable for this project. A unique GuardianWallTM solution was quickly designed and fabricated by Modular Wall SystemsTM to ensure the residents were not exposed to construction noise. The requirement for the top of the wall to meet specific height Reference Levels imposed by Fairfield City Council resulted in significant challenges when completing the footing foundations. However, persistence and ingenuity resulted in a fully compliant project. The final GuardianWallTM design was 1.5m – 3.0m high and 76.4m long, comprising of 29 individual cantilevered posts and AcoustiMax™ 75 panels which exceeded the required 20+RW (Weighted Sound Reduction Index) acoustic, subtle values. A final lick of paint resulted in a highly professional and subtle practical noise barrier with 40+ year design life.

Dan Murphy’s Tweed Head South, NSW

Installation of an acoustic fence was required for development consent to be successfully sought for an existing Tavern and construction of a new Dan Murphy’s Liquor store. The acoustic fence required installation along the boundary of a new car park to shield adjoining residential properties from noise generated during the standard operation of the new commercial facility.

Space limitations due to the construction of a new retaining wall inside the site boundary meant Rohrig Constructions required an all-encompassing fence solution that could be:

  1. Mounted to the top of the new and existing retaining wall;
  2. Was of the highest acoustic integrity, shielding residential properties; and
  3. Offered premium aesthetics, and blended into the landscape.

Modular Wall Systems provided a structurally certified solution utilising their acoustically rated, next generation fence – SlimWall. The unique, patented high tensile steel post system enabled installation into the retaining wall via core-drilling holes and fixing the posts in place using non-shrink grout. The remaining run of wall was installed into the ground using concrete pile foundation in a narrow space between the kerb and the site boundary.

SlimWall next generation fencing uses the AcoustiMaxTM 50mm panels, which has a surface density of 14.5kg/m2 and rated at RW25, and is completely continuous with no gaps or openings enabling maximum acoustic integrity for the life of the product. The SlimWall fencing solution was painted upon completion of installation to complement the overall aesthetic of the building design for a fully integrated next generation finish.