How quality fencing can improve the value of a property

Many factors can impact the sale price of a property but the price people will pay for privacy and security is often underestimated. A quality fence can be a valuable selling point, particularly as more homes are being built closer and closer to boundaries.

Before putting a home onto the market, homeowners should consider the property’s perimeter to ensure the boundary fence is adding rather than detracting from the home’s overall look. A well maintained backyard fence is particularly important if the property backs onto a busy road or if a neighbouring property is an eyesore.

Nick Holden, Founder of Modular Wall Systems and SlimWall™ advises homeowners not to overlook the value of a fence. “Adding an aesthetically stylish boundary fence may add thousands of dollars to a property and could even lead to a quicker sale. A solid, high fence with proven acoustic benefits is also a sought after feature by parents with noisy young children or those with pets.”

When selecting a fencing product, consider the property’s surrounding environment for things like urban noise which can be addressed with clever fencing solutions. SlimWall™ by Modular Wall Systems features proven noise reduction qualities that can block residential noise. Importantly, it doesn’t crack or rot which minimises ongoing maintenance.

SlimWall™ is a designer fencing solution that can perfectly match the architectural integrity of any home. Adaptable for level or sloping sites, it can be customised with a host of finishes, decorative slats, gates, letterboxes and lighting for a stylish modern look. As a boundary solution, it provides a high quality backdrop to pools and outdoor entertaining areas, perfectly complementing indoor outdoor living. A SlimWall™ fence can also be painted in any colour, including a tone that matches the home. Neighbours can paint their side a different colour to match their house. SlimWall™ fence may also be finished with a textured paint, such as Dulux AcraTex Sand that delivers a fine grain, rendered effect.

The investment in a quality fence will pay dividends if it enhances the home’s appearance and the seclusion and privacy it can create can be an appealing selling point that will help increase the value of any home.

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